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Antitrust Disputes

Anticompetitive behaviors giving rise to antitrust claims can occur in a number of business settings, such as in contracts, pricing or bidding activities, treatment of customers or suppliers, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property protection or misappropriation. Rigorous economic analysis can be the cornerstone of many such antitrust claims.  

In antitrust matters, an economic analysis that incorporates relevant insights from an accounting or finance perspective is often what sets apart a superior expert opinion.  SRR professionals apply sophisticated microeconomic reasoning and econometric modeling techniques, while incorporating our deep experience in forensic accounting and finance as well as our functional capabilities in relevant areas of valuation and financial opinions, investment banking, and our core commercial litigation and intellectual property competencies to provide comprehensive and cohesive insights into the issues.  

  • Predatory pricing or purchasing
  • Exclusive dealing and other requirements contracts
  • Tying and bundling
  • Refusal to supply/Refusal to deal
  • Price discrimination
  • Unfair competition
  • Intellectual property counterclaims

Our experts tailor their analyses to the unique aspects of each case.  The analysis may include a critical assessment of market definition, market power, barriers to entry, competitive effects, and damages assessment.  We apply our knowledge of antitrust liability to carefully investigate causation and properly determine the financial impact of any alleged antitrust violation.