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Bankruptcy Related Valuation Services

SRR’s highly credentialed and experienced experts in the valuation of business enterprises, intangible assets, real estate, and machinery & equipment are uniquely qualified to provide financial opinions that are relevant for companies planning to file a plan of reorganization or liquidation, for companies already in bankruptcy, and for those emerging. These situations include:

  • Determination of reorganization value of business enterprise on going concern basis
  • Determination of liquidation values
  • Determination of a market rate in "cram downs"
  • Collateral valuation
  • Analysis of equity cushion
  • Asset valuation to determine value of pledged assets to establish amount of secured claim
  • Fraudulent conveyance
  • Determination of reasonably equivalent value
  • Solvency analysis
  • Property lease analysis
  • Business and asset valuation related to fresh start accounting (SOP 90-7)