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Corporate Monitoring Services

The use of independent corporate monitors by judicial and regulatory government agencies as an instrument for verifying an organization’s compliance with settlement agreements and court orders continues to rise.  As a condition of these agreements and orders, organizations must meet certain compliance and operational mandates.  Whether intended to reform prior undesired conduct or mitigate the potential for future undesired conduct, the mandates may impact a broad spectrum of an organization’s business activities.  The independent corporate monitor oversees the organization’s implementation of practices designed to achieve the letter and spirit of the mandates, evaluates the effectiveness of these practices, recommends compliance related remediation to the organization, and submits periodic reports to the judicial or regulatory authority and the organization.  SRR provides independent, transparent, and cost effective corporate monitoring services, as well as support services to corporate monitors, including:  

  • Assessing and monitoring compliance with the terms of a judicial court order or regulatory settlement agreement such as a Deferred or Non- Prosecution, Consent, Corporate Integrity, or Administrative Agreement
  • Prioritizing tasks to mitigate high risk issues or concerns
  • Evaluating existing ethics and compliance programs
  • Developing comprehensive, entity-wide risk assessments to enable future overseeing of compliance programs
  • Providing forensic accounting, interview, data collection, and financial analytical review services
  • Ensuring company officials have an implementation plan necessary to effectuate the required outcome
  • Assisting companies in the implementation of recommendations and industry best practices
  • Testing and improving systems of internal controls

Corporate Monitoring Services Brochure