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Dispute Advisory & Forensic Services

SRR is able to assist our clients from the onset of a matter through formal resolution. Our services include:

Pre-litigation Consulting - From the gathering of evidence to support or refute a claim to the assessment of facts and strategic options, SRR’s experience, technical competency, and creativity are assets to our clients as they strive to evaluate options and make decisions regarding an appropriate course of action. SRR’s pre-litigation consulting capabilities include internal investigations, compliance reviews and internal control reviews.

Discovery Assistance - From ensuring the request and receipt of relevant information to ensuring compliance with the requirements of a subpoena, document request or other inquiry, our professionals work with clients and their counsel to manage and streamline the discovery process. Our discovery consulting helps corporations and outside counsel improve all aspects of their discovery processes, including matter strategy, planning, project management, communication, tracking and reporting.  Because we have extensive knowledge of technology platforms and vendors, we are able to help clients control costs and use technology efficiently to manage data on matters of any size.

Our services include conducting digital forensic investigations as well as data identification, preservation, forensic acquisition, and authentication. Our highly trained and experienced experts provide testimony in expert reports, depositions and in court or in arbitration.

Analysis and Assessment - The professionals at SRR provide a variety of services related to the analysis and assessment portion of a matter in dispute. From economic damage analysis to forensic accounting to valuation services our experts are adept at evaluating all available evidence to present an assessment of damages based on a solid foundation of financial theory, technical competence and independent review of the facts of a matter. Our services include forensic accounting, economic damage analysis, valuation analysis, proximate cause and mitigation assessments and rebuttal advisory services.

Our ability to rapidly acquire, assemble and summarize even the largest financial, operational, accounting and transactional data sets differentiates us from other firms. Our professionals have experience in investigations and disputes involving data sets exceeding 100 TB. This enables us to successfully and efficiently support matters where the sheer volume of data involved might be a serious obstacle for other firms. Key attributes of our data handling competencies include:

  • Consultants skilled with database applications including SQL, Access, SAS and STATA;
  • Secure FTP data transfer capabilities;
  • Secure data centers capable of handling the largest data sets;
  • Professionals skilled in communicating with client IT personnel to effectively and efficiently acquire the data necessary for analysis; and
  • An understanding of the qualitative nature of the data being analyzed and its potential uses as opposed to simply its volume and format.

Opinions and Consultations - SRR’s experts are industry specialists with vast experience in the court room and alternative dispute resolution forums. Our professionals are retained to provide expert reports and testimony in a variety of venues. Additional consultative services include settlement and case assessment, trial preparation assistance, post-judgment and appeal consultations and ADR assistance.

Why SRR?

Creative - We gain a full understanding of the pertinent issues in each matter and design a streamlined approach to investigate, analyze, and form our expert opinions.  As each matter is unique, we avoid the "cookie-cutter" approach.

Reliable - We approach our analyses and form our expert opinions in a fair and unbiased manner.  We apply accepted methodologies and financial techniques to our analysis of the facts covered in each matter.  Our conduct is governed by our professional standards, as well as the rules and procedures required by the applicable venue.

Objective - We strive to understand the underlying methodologies offered by other parties.  We synthesize the conclusions presented to their essence and then educate you as to how to best address their positions.

Responsive - We recognize the demands imposed on all parties as they prepare for trial and encourage an active channel of communication to ensure we are prepared and ready to testify.  We will suggest the content and presentation form of demonstrative evidence.  We avail ourselves to assist you interpreting new or evolving information presented at trial.

Compelling - We testify in a simple and articulate manner.  We are keenly aware that the complexity of our expert opinions must be presented to the trier of fact in terms and concepts that will be understood.  Throughout our testimony, we educate our audience, advocate our opinions, and fiercely defend our approach.

Practical - Our impartial and realistic approach for evaluating financial offers to resolve a dispute between opposing parties will assist them in understanding what they receive and lose in an agreed-upon settlement.