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Fairness Opinions

SRR leverages its considerable investment banking and valuation experience to assist clients in making sound business decisions in completing their critical transactions. At SRR, we understand the complexity and uncertainty inherent in completing a transaction and navigating through the “noise” to provide timely, accurate and reliable results.

We have advised Corporate Boards, special transaction committees, independent trustees, management and other fiduciaries of middle-market public and private companies on the financial aspects of a transaction. Our independent advice withstands scrutiny from shareholders, bondholders, the SEC, IRS, or counterparties to a transaction.

Our financial opinion services include:

Typical engagements involve:

  • Going-private transactions
  • Recapitalizations
  • Related party transfers
  • Special dividends

Clients include:

  • Corporate Boards
  • Special committees
  • Trustees
  • Other fiduciaries

Based on the total number of deals reported in Thomson Reuters' Mergers & Acquisitions Review (2011-2015). Individual yearly rankings: 2015 (2), 2014 (1), 2013 (3), 2012 (1), 2011 (6).