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Intellectual Property Transactions & Advisory Services

Revenue generated through the monetization of IP is one of the most significant and fastest growing sources of earnings today. SRR partners with IP stakeholders to identify and capture value by aligning IP monetization efforts with business strategy. Through our experience in IP licensing and valuation, as well as in commercializing technology-based products, we are able to understand complex IP and technology issues and help our clients meet their business objectives. We have expertise in early and later stage technologies in areas covering high-tech to life sciences.

IP Strategy
SRR provides an objective assessment of IP to help owners including corporations, universities, venture capital firms, and inventors determine the best means of managing and commercializing their IP and technology assets. Our professionals:

  • Assess the market need for new technology
  • Assess the financial opportunity for commercializing technology and IP
  • Evaluate the strength of IP protection
  • Develop optimal strategies to meet client business objectives
  • Assist in strategy implementation

IP Licensing & Sales
We work with clients and IP counsel to:

  • Develop IP commercialization roadmaps and strategies
  • Assess the competitive patent landscape
  • Evaluate applicable commercial markets for client technology and IP
  • Determine IP value
  • Identify and pursue potential licensees and buyers
  • Develop deal structures and prepare term sheets
  • Negotiate and close license deals and IP sales

IP Valuation
We provide IP valuation services for several key purposes, including:

  • Strategic decision making
  • Transaction support – supporting licensing and sales activity
  • Litigation/dispute support and expert testimony
  • Use of IP assets as collateral for raising capital
  • Tax regulation and strategy
  • Account regulation and financial reporting

We serve our clients where intellectual property meets finance. Our professionals bring an added depth to IP commercialization campaigns, strategy development and deal negotiations. By focusing on the components of value we routinely bring deals to faster, better conclusions and help our clients create robust IP strategies.