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Predictive Economics

SRR provides economic and predictive models based on the latest ideas in machine and deep learning and market based econometrics. Our specialists have broad business experience in strategic, operational and financial decision-making as well as deep technical know-how in predictive analytics and economic modeling. Our experts pioneered ideas in Artificial Intelligence and market based economics in the last several decades and created practical applications based on these ideas in many different areas. We have worked with companies of all sizes in a broad cross-section of industries including but not limited to manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, legal and financial services, aerospace, energy, high technology and consumer products. We solve complex problems for some of the world’s leading companies, in areas such as resource and capital allocation, valuation of intellectual property and structured financial instruments, product selection and design, process and manufacturing optimization and predictive models to improve decisions in pricing, logistics, customer segmentation, negotiations, bundling, location selection, securities trading, among others.

The following is a brief listing of the types of services we can provide:

  • Predictive and decision models to provide strategic, operating and financial decision guidance to enhance enterprise value
  • Portfolio design and optimization models for operating companies to aid resource and capital allocation to projects, segments, departments and locations
  • Economic valuation of intellectual property, technologies and private companies for transactions, deal structuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial and economic models for business and financial decisions and optimization

We provide advisory and consulting services, development and hosting of predictive, decision and economic models, training and software. Our technology platform, Decision Options®, developed over the past two decades incorporate the latest ideas in market based economics, machine learning and deep learning. Our consultants access the technology from the cloud and work collaboratively with our clients, who have access to the same to organize data and assumptions, build models, solve problems and automate repeating decision processes. We can rapidly prototype models and often engage with clients on a contingency basis that includes a subscription to the models from the cloud.