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Family Law Attorneys

The Family Law Valuation & Advisory Services practice of Stout Risius Ross, Inc. specializes in providing clarity to participants in such matters through financial expertise.  Our team, consisting of ASAs, CPAs, CFEs, ABVs, CFAs, CVAs, and MAIs, provides a myriad of expert witness and consulting services to attorneys and their clients in “high-stakes” divorces.

Our cross-disciplined approach and experience enable us to provide creative and effective solutions to your most complex or demanding family law matters. 

Valuation Analysis
We are able to provide valuation services as they relate to the various components of the marital estate including, but not limited to:

  • Valuation of businesses and professional practices
  • Valuation of stock options, complex financial instruments, celebrity and personal goodwill, and other investments
  • Appraisals of real estate, machinery, and equipment
  • Economic and industry research including transaction and market data
  • Rebuttal advisory services or collaborative consultation with opposing experts

Forensic Services
Our forensic expertise can assist in providing confidence to the divorcing party that s/he is receiving an equitable settlement.  To that end, we provide services in the following areas:

Forensic Accounting and Investigation

  • Investigation of Asset Flight and/or Dissipation of Assets
  • Asset Tracing of Separate Versus Marital Property
  • Identification of Diverted or Unreported Income and Double-Counted Expenses
  • Identification of Undisclosed Property
  • Identification of and Interviewing Parties of Interest

Advisory Services
Our vast experience in divorce matters enables our team members to provide the following services complementary to our valuation and forensic expertise:

  • Evaluation and negotiation of settlement offers; considering tax implications, income requirements, and future disbursement needs of both parties 
  • Income and expense analysis for support obligations during the pendency of divorce and post-divorce
  • Service in mediation, arbitration, or as court-appointed and/or mutually agreed-upon experts
    Discovery assistance through preparation of information requests, document reviews, and witness interviews