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Public & Large Private Companies

SRR provides independent financial advisory services to public and large private companies to comply with domestic and international financial and tax reporting requirements, navigate complex transactions to maximize shareholder value, and address commercial disputes. Our expertise includes the valuation of businesses, equity interests and derivative securities; intangible assets and intellectual property; as well as real and personal property. 

Typical engagements include:

  • Valuations for financial reporting purposes including purchase and fresh start accounting, goodwill and long lived asset impairment testing, and share/option based payments
  • Fair Value measurements of complex financial instruments
  • Valuations of domestic and foreign subsidiary companies for tax planning and internal tax restructuring purposes
  • Fairness and solvency opinions
  • Valuations of real and personal property for financial and tax reporting and transaction related activities
  • Litigation advisory and expert testimony related to shareholder or commercial disputes and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Investment banking services, including mergers & acquisitions, private market financings, distressed transaction advisory, and strategic assessments
  • Forensic investigations of alleged domestic and international fraud including embezzlement, kickbacks, bribery, and corruption